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Steam Cleaning, Advice & How To August 31, 2017

Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean with Steam


While cramming for midterms or writing essays some college students may not see dishes piling up, dust on the furniture or the past week’s dinners ground into the kitchen floor. Yet there are those students who just can’t focus on schoolwork if their living space isn’t clean and tidy. 

Keep Your Space Clean at College, the Online College Courses blog suggests doing a bit of cleaning and tidying regularly rather than waiting until it becomes overpowering. “Don’t let cleaning tasks and clutter pile up. If you tackle the task of tidying up a little bit each day, it won’t ever seem overwhelming or like a complete chore.” The popular resource for students also adds that having cleaning supplies at the ready such as rubber gloves, brushes, a broom, dustpan and a small vacuum will help to get the job done.


Yet one thing that students may not associate with cleaning their dorms or apartments, and could actually be a game changer for them, is steam cleaning.

Cleaning with steam instead of with potentially harmful chemicals helps keep a common living space such as a dorm room or apartment free from dust and dirt, allowing you to focus on the important things in life such as passing your courses. You may not think that cleaning could actually help you get better grades, but it may just be the task to keep your spirits up enough to keep hitting the books. Also, many young people suffer from allergies so keeping up a modicum of cleanliness may not only be a question of personal preference or keeping peace between roommates, but rather a health consideration. 


The buildup of dust and bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew, can hide in your living space—especially on your kitchen surfaces—and create the potential risk of illness or an allergic reaction. When cramming for midterms stress is high and that’s typically when students may be hit with a nasty flu bug or cold. Regular cleaning with steam in your kitchen area could cut down on the likelihood of contracting a bug during crunch time. Superior portable or canister floor models heat to a temperature of at least 300ºF, which kills harmful bacteria. Steam molecules penetrate the surface, pushing out dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Not only is steam cleaning good for maintaining your health throughout the school year, it’s also a perfect tool to rid a dorm room or apartment of bed bugs. Although we may not like to think about it, bed bugs are prevalent in college and university dorms and apartment complexes, and can cause havoc if remained unchecked. Steam helps to kill bed bugs and alleviates the need for harmful chemicals that could weaken a person’s immune system with repeated use.

Easy to use, cost effective, and ideal for those who are cramped for time, steam cleaning offers students a green and efficient way to maintain a clean living space while keeping on top of their studies.

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