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The Hidden Gems of Steam Cleaning for your Jewelry Business



Making sure your diamonds, pearls, gemstones, and metals look their very best is an important part of running a jewelry business. You want your products to shine and to also help your customers care for their priceless items so they last for generations.

Many jewellers and jewelry makers use steamers for cleaning items such as watches, rings, broaches, and necklaces because steam dissolves leftover wax, plaster waste, grime, and debris from jewelry surfaces while at the same time sanitizing with heat and moisture. And as the only ingredient required for steam cleaners is tap water you don’t have to worry about storing or being exposed to harmful chemicals. Another plus is that steam will be attractive to your customers who expect an environmentally friendly service.

“About 75% of the people that come into our store get their jewelry cleaned on a regular basis and are loyal customers,” says Algiers Jr. of A & K Jewelers located in Stoneham, Massachusetts. A family-owned business since 1949, the founder’s two sons, Rob Algiers and Paul Algiers Jr. offer complimentary jewelry cleaning to all their customers.

A stainless steel jewelry steam cleaner in a smaller size can fit onto a countertop or shelf so you can keep it in the front of your store without having to disappear into the back room while customers anxiously wait. Some of these models have attractive stainless steel exteriors so people passing by can see them and know about the superior cleaning services you provide. As well as being efficient, having a steam cleaner where you serve the public is safer for you, your customers, and the security of your merchandise.

Some jewelry steam cleaners have stainless steel boiler tanks, which means they are more durable and reliable. Not only that, this type of steam cleaner is typically available in a wide array of sizes to allow anywhere from three hours of steam time, to unlimited steam release with the direct water feed type. What to look for when buying: Search for commercial grade made in Italy stainless steel pressure vessels and components. To avoid it burning out find one with a thermostat-reset button. This type offers the best protection for your investment as it automatically shuts off the heating element when the water is low. Steam from a quality grade steamer gives quick yet powerful results, allowing you to please your customers, which keeps them coming back.


Algiers Jr. further emphasizes the importance of owning a high-end steam cleaner. “Having a quality steam cleaner should be one of the first things a good jeweler purchases when opening a store.”

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